Dads And Their Boys

Andy and I have been best friends for years. We are both 25 and living about three miles apart. Andy attends the local university and I work as a legal clerk. We get together about twice a week and spend the evening sucking each other’s cocks. It’s a great arrangement; one of us will drop in on the other and provide an exquisite blowjob for the other. We’re both very horny and will allow the other to sit back and enjoy an excellent blowjob. Andy has a beautiful penis that I love getting into my mouth. We have made each other come as many as four times in a single night. Sometimes we spend the night together, awaking at two or three and giving or getting more head. It’s a wonderful deal.

The unusual thing is that we have a thrilling secret; we have both given blowjobs to the others father. Both our fathers are great looking men who are both divorced. I first sucked his father’s cock when I was 18. The three of us were having a soak in their Jacuzzi one evening. Andy was leaving that night to spend the rest of the weekend with his mother. He was getting a ride from another friend. Andy’s dad John and I remained in the tub. After a bit John got up and went to get another beer. He walked down the deck a bit and dropped his shorts and wrapped a towel around himself. I thought that he looked very fit; nice body.

He returned in a second and asked if I wanted a soda, as he was getting a beer.


‘Just a beer, thanks,’ was my reply.

John laughed it off as if to say ‘in your dreams’. He returned a minute later with two beers though. He picked up his shorts and walked back to the tub.

‘Oh, shit no,’ he said as he bent to pull them on. ‘These are freezing now.’ He pulled off his towel and got into the tub. I looked away, embarrassed, but not before getting a glimpse of his cock; long and thick. He handed me the second beer and I thanked him casually.


‘I didn’t know you allowed skinny-dipping here,’ I said joking.

‘Skinny-dipping is the greatest thing ever.’ He gave me a look. ‘Be my guest.’

I fumbled under the water and took off my shorts, tossing them on the deck.


‘Feel better?” he asked.

‘It’s great.’

We sat and drank our beers. John kept thinking of things that he needed to check and was constantly getting up so that his cock would show. Finally he asked me to go get two more beers out of the fridge. I protested, because now my cock was erect, and I was afraid of what he might think. He insisted, so I jumped up and got out quickly, running to the kitchen. I waited for a minute hoping my erection would subside, but it became more insistent. John called from outside,


‘Where’d you go with my beer”

I stepped back onto the deck, beet red at my throbbing erection.

‘What have you been doing, jacking off”


‘No!’ I insisted, embarrassed.

‘Nothing wrong with jacking off, just bring me my beer.’

‘I wasn’t jacking off,’ I reiterated.


‘I was,’ John said. Now he looked a bit sheepish. ‘What can I say, I’m horny.’

I stared at him for awhile.

‘Are you serious” I asked him.


‘Oh yeah. I love jacking off. It’s hard in the water though, not very slippery.’ He killed his beer. ‘Be right back.’

He got up and out of the tub heading for the house. His cock was wildly hard, straight out in front. He was really big. He came back out with a tube of gel.

‘Here try this.’ He put some in his hand and handed the bottle to me. He sat on the edge of the tub and started stroking his hard cock. I stared wide-eyed.


‘Give it a try, it feels so good!’ He continued stroking up and down, fast and slow.

I got out and sat on the edge and began doing the same. We both sat there watching each other jacking off.

‘Doesn’t that feel good” He asked me. I nodded. He was stroking as if showing me what he had; almost posing.


‘Can I touch yours” I blurted out.

‘What” he said surprised. After a long pause, ‘You want to touch me” He was asking as a clarification, I heard it as an offer, and moved over next to him and began running my hand over the head. He sat there stiffly, not knowing what to do. His hand, however, didn’t stop. Finally his hand moved away so that mine could take over. He was thick and long and hard. My hand worked up and down slowly, as he leaned back a bit to watch. My other hand began caressing his big balls.

‘It’s so big!’ I whispered. He just moaned.


‘God! Your cock is so big!’ I repeated.

‘That feels so good,’ he said quietly.

I leaned over and took the big head in my mouth. He gasped,


‘Oh my god! Oh yeah! Ohh yeahh!’

Without removing my mouth, I slid back into the tub and began really sucking him off. I slid his big tool in and out. His hand moved to the back of my head and gently guided me up and down.

‘Oh God! I can’t believe you’re sucking my cock. I’m gonna come!’


‘Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm,’ I moaned, my mouth full of cock. I was loving it.

I had been sucking his son’s cock for years, but had always dreamed of an adult model. Now I had one and it was better than I ever fantasized about. I could tell that I was giving him the most delicious head that he’d ever had. He gave me all of his sweet cream. I looked up into his eyes.

‘I love sucking your cock. Your come is delicious!’


John just stared at me wide-eyed.

‘I should be getting home,’ I said getting up. I toweled off and dressed, said goodbye and left. The same blank stare remained on his face the whole time.

As soon as I was in bed I jacked off coming all over. I replayed the whole thing in my mind, again and again. His big tool had felt so good in my mouth. His come had been warm and sweet. I couldn’t sleep and lay there for two hours, hard as a rock. By now it was 11:30 and my house was silently asleep. I crept downstairs to the kitchen and picked up the phone, dialing Andy’s house. John answered, and I asked if I could come over. John began to give me some excuse, but I just hung the phone up. I walked down the street to Andy’s house and went around the back.


We live in a rural area and the houses are quite a distance apart. I went around to the back of the house to Andy’s dad’s room and peeked through a crack in the vertical blinds. The room was full of blue light as John watched a porno. I couldn’t really see John but there were two girls on screen playing with each other’s tits. I went to the kitchen door and let myself in. I crept through the house until I got to John’s bedroom door. It was ajar and I could hear the porno playing. I stripped out of my clothes and freed my hard dick. My heart was pounding as I gently pushed open the door and walked in.

John jumped at my presence.

‘What are you doing here” He seemed a bit miffed at being caught, but eyed my erection with interest.


I didn’t make a sound, but moved to the bed, reaching for his cock.

‘You really shouldn’t do things like this.’ He was trying to sound stern. I uncovered his cock, loving how hard he was.

‘Can I suck you again” I asked sweetly, reaching out to stroke him.



I moved in and took him into my mouth again.

‘Oh, God! I really don’t know”


‘I love sucking your cock,’ I told him. ‘Please let me. Don’t you like it”

‘Oh, man! I love it.’

‘Mmm hmm,’ I moaned, going to town again. In and out, he went.


‘What the hell. Be my guest.’

He held my head gently as he stroked my hip. I turned so that he could see my hard cock. I wanted him to touch me but wasn’t going to push it. I wanted his come most of all.

‘Does it feel good” I asked.


‘Oh, fuck! It feels great. You give such good head.’

‘Mmm hmm. I want your come.’

‘Oh, you’ll get it. Real soon.’


‘Mmm hmm!’

‘Ooh. Suck my big cock.’

‘Mmm hmm!’


‘Make me come.’

‘Mmm hmm!’

‘Make me come in your mouth.’ His hand moved to stroke my cock. His touch was gentle and smooth.


‘Mmm hmm! I love your come!’

He gave it all to me! I drank it all, moaning the whole time, between swallows. I let him go and moved so that he could continue jacking me off. He took the lube from the bedside and greased me up. Now he was really working me. My eyes never left his shiny cock as I came into his hand. We rested a bit and then I got up.

‘I gotta get home.’ I told him.


I told Andy about it the next day. We had to go hide out at our secret place in the woods and suck each other as I described every detail and what a mouthful his father was.

John and I repeated the event many times. I would creep over late at night, strip for him and suck him off and then pretend to leave, only to wind up in Andy’s bedroom where he would suck me off. We even got to the stage where Andy would peek in through the blinds and watch me suck his father’s glorious penis.

One night, I had called John and he and I talked at length about what I wanted to do to him, and how much I enjoyed making him come in my mouth. He was really worked up, and we hung up so that I could sneak over. We both stripped nude and with Andy watching, I kneeled down between his legs and gave him beautiful head. He was so turned on that he came fast, and furious; tons of come! When he was through, John was still so hot that he leaned over and sucked me off. I gave him every drop of my young cream, which he loved. He was still so turned on that I sucked him a second time after I had come into his mouth.


We made arrangements for Andy to try and seduce my father. I had seen my father’s penis several times, but never hard. There is a tall tree right outside my father’s bedroom window. I know that he has a collection of porno videos, which he sometimes watches late at night. We had arranged the blinds just so, to allow us to spy on him from the tree. It took a couple of weeks before we had the right setup and he was ready to watch a porno or two. By that time we had made a tree house of sorts.

That night my father and I had gone out for dinner, and then I told him that I was going to Andy’s overnight. An hour later we were sitting in our tree waiting for the show. We had set the blinds up so that we had a good view of his entire room. My father stepped out of the shower and strolled nude through his room. He was semi-erect already and we were both entranced by the size of him. His cock was magnificent! He lay back in bed and began watching a tape of threesomes. His hand was gently toying with his unit, as we watched. Andy and I both pulled down our pants and began jacking off. The video was hot, but we were really turned on by my dad’s big tool. He stroked it lovingly. Andy was drooling to get it into his mouth. I must admit that I was even turned on by the same thought.

The tape was equally hot. Two men were fucking this beautiful brunette, while she lay on her back. One was hammering her pussy while the other fed her his hard tool. After a moment, the head guy pulled his cock out and offered it to the other man! After some thought the fucking guy began sucking his friends cock. My dad was pounding his meat at this point.


‘Holy shit! He digs it.’ I said.

‘That is so hot.’

‘Oh man. Go offer to suck him off. Beg. Plead. Anything! I want to watch you,’ I told him.


Andy was nervous but after some pushing, he climbed down and ran inside. The scene progressed until the man on the tape shot his come onto both of them. My dad got up and switched tapes. The second tape was even hotter. Some man was dragged into a room and tied to a chair. He was then stripped and made to suck cock after cock, as one by one his mouth was raped forcibly by men of several races. I came watching this, but didn’t lose my erection one bit.

Dad was stroking his beautiful cock with one hand as the other gently played with his balls. Just then Andy walked through the door, totally nude and as hard as I have ever seen him. I couldn’t hear a thing but I watched as dad was berating him for the intrusion and Andy pleaded with him to let him stay. I did notice though that my dad kept jacking off. Andy moved to the bed and touched my father’s thigh. His eyes never left that gorgeous cock. They talked a bit more and then my dad grabbed Andy by the hair and pulled his face into his lap. Andy practically inhaled my father’s sumptuous tool. Dad was yanking him down onto it hard, but Andy took it in stride, obviously loving every bit of it. I wish that I could have heard Dad talking. He was non-stop, going on about what Andy was doing to him.

After a bit, dad yanked him onto the bed, lying on his back. Dad climbed on in a 69 and started shoving his massive meat in and out of poor Andy’s stretched lips. I knew that Andy didn’t care; he was in heaven. Dad then began blowing my best friend! I was in the perfect position to see everything. I had never even considered the idea, but my father was a world champion cocksucker! Andy came in no time and dad just took it in. He pulled Andy up and sat him on the edge of the bed right in front of me!! Dad stood between his legs and began fucking his mouth again. Now I could make out what he was saying.


‘Oooh, that’s it! You’re such a good cocksucker! You really love it don’t you”

‘I do! I fucking love it!’ Dad had his hand on the back of his head as his hips pumped back and forth.

‘Ooh, you’re so good! How’d you get to be so good’ You’re in love with my cock, aren’t you”


‘I am! I love your huge tool!’

‘Here I come. Get ready.’ At the last second my dad pulled out and began jerking it right in front of Andy. He had him by the hair and held him there. ‘You ready” Andy just nodded.

Dad began to shoot. It was amazing! He covered Andy’s face with his cream. Powerful streams shot out and covered him. Andy’s mouth was open and he caught some, but the rest was dripping off of him everywhere. All of the sudden, dad fell to his knees and began sucking Andy’s cock again. Andy looked at me in the tree for the first time with a look of total passion. I couldn’t hear dad’s words but I cold hear Andy.


‘Oh, yeah. That’s great! I do. I love sucking your big cock. Oh yeah. It’s totally delicious, and you come so much, FUCK! Yeah’ Do it! Suck it. Suck my cock Mr. Grant.’

Dad pushed Andy back onto his back, legs up as he continued to devour Andy’s erection. He moved down to suck his balls and then lick his ass. Then, in one savage move, he stood up and shoved his massive tool into Andy’s ass! No one was ready for it, Andy least of all. Dad pinned him down as he began fucking the shit out of Andy’s butt. I could see him struggling to get away but Dad had him completely pinned. I had a front row seat, watching dad’s huge tool ramming in and out of Andy’s behind. Soon Andy was loving it. I could tell. Dad came quickly, and then dropped back down to suck him some more. Andy came in two sucks. Dad drank every drop.

They relaxed for a moment but then Dad pulled him up and they went into the shower together. I couldn’t stand it and climbed down and ran inside. I snuck into his room and heard them in the shower together. I crawled across the floor until I had a view of them soaping each other up. They stayed in there for twenty minutes and took turns giving each other head again. I mamnaged to escape before being caught by my Dad.


Years before, when we were younger, Andy and I had built two forts, one in each other’s backyard woods years ago..

They’re not far from the houses but cannot be seen from the houses. They have doors that lock from the inside, and most of the comforts of your average fort. The coolest thing is that they have peek holes to the outside world. We had drilled a 2″ diameter hole in the exterior wall so that we could watch the comings and goings. We had used them to spy on our dads playing with their sometime girlfriends. What we didn’t realize until later was that they were at the perfect height.

Andy had the idea first, without me. He used my fort a couple of times, late at night. He went to the fort after calling my dad on the phone, telling him that he would be in the fort at some appointed hour. My dad strolled into the backyard woods, dropped his sweats and pushed his cock through the hole. Andy sucked him off. They then traded positions, with my father kneeling outside the fort and sucked Andy in 20 seconds. Dad went to bed, and then Andy went to bed. Two weeks later I sucked John through a similar hole in John’s backyard. We did it almost every night for weeks.


It was Andy that had me meet him in my fort at 9:00 one evening. We went in, locked the door, got naked and started playing around. It was pitch black in the fort, so Andy lit the tiny candle behind a blanket screen. This allowed the tiniest bit of light inside. It took a while before we could see in the almost blackness. He shushed me and we sat quietly for a long time. Then we heard the faint sounds of someone coming. Andy peeked through the hole and signaled me to be quiet. There was some rustling outside and then, through the hole, came an incredibly hard, thick, smooth, long penis. Dad!

In the dim light I watched as Andy began stroking it softly. It just sat there, letting him play and enjoy himself, which he did. I sat inches away and watched as Andy began blowing him. It was gorgeous! I knew how well Andy gave head and watching him so closely was really arousing. I stroked his erection gently, as he gagged on Dad’s huge tool. All at once it withdrew. Andy jumped up and poked through the hole. I could tell by look on his face that dad was sucking. They traded a couple of times before Andy pulled me closer to where my father’s cock was coming through the hole. Andy’s hand found my erection, lovingly. I hesitated but Andy prodded further. I was terrified but reached up and caressed his big hard penis.

I was stroking my father’s cock.


It was a perfectly elegant penis. A drop of dew appeared at the tip. It expanded and grew heavy. I looked to Andy who nodded at me, urging me onward. I leaned in and licked the creamy drop from the head. It lurched at the touch. ‘Oh, Dad. You taste so good!’ I thought to myself. I wet my lips, opened wide and draped my mouth over his cock, taking him so deep! Truly delicious!

I’m sucking daddy’s cock, and loving it!

All too soon, it disappeared. I could hear him kneeling down outside. He whispered, “Gimme that come, baby.” Andy motioned me up, and on trembling legs I thrust through the opening straight into his mouth. He was better than Andy! Dad sucked my cock better than anything I even imagined possible. It was a revelation! I came so fast that I was caught by surprise. I almost blurted out, ‘Oh, dad! Suck my cock, man!’ but bit my tongue instead. His oral massage of my penis through my orgasm was perfect! I found myself dying to be able to watch him as he sucked me off. What a turn-on!


We traded places quickly and once again I had his gorgeous cock deep in my mouth and throat. His come hit me by surprise. What a load! ‘Whoa!’ I thought. ‘Drown me, why not?’ I sucked slurped, swallowed and coughed, as he pumped me full of it. He stood there for awhile letting me get my fill before pulling out and heading back to the house, without a word spoken. Andy knelt next to me and showered my face with his come. I caught and tasted some, but wore the rest. What a night!

Written by MacSwain612

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