Father and Son

It was a cold Alaskan night when the heater went out in Steve and Austin’s house. Austin had already asked his father to let him sleep in his bed but Steve said no. Steve had said no because he didn’t want his son to know that he wanted him and he remembered the tent that appeared in his boxers when Austin asked to sleep together. About an hour later Austin came into the room and asked if he could sleep in the bed because he was starting to lose feeling in his toes. Steve naturally replied because his son’s well-being was more important than a few sexual desires. After Austin had slid into bed with him Steve closed his eyes and started to slide off to sleep when he felt a pair of hands start to slide down his chest and ever so softly caress his bulge. When he opened his eyes he saw his son doing it and was wondering what the hell he was doing.

“Why are you doing that son?” asked Steve.

“Because you looked cold and I wanted to warm you up,” replied Austin innocently.


“Well don’t do it anymore, understand,” Steve said sternly. Austin never replied because he had already turned his back to him. Steve just shook his head and rolled over on his side. After a few hours passed Steve woke to the feeling of fingers moving around his hips and starting to rub his sack and shaft. In no time his dick started to thicker and harder and he moved slightly to show that he was awake and Austin just kept rubbing.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Steve finally asked.

“Here’s the truth, ever since we went swimming and I saw your body and we showered in that big shower I knew I had to have you,” replied Austin.


“Why didn’t you say something earlier I have wanted you even before that,” said Steve.

“You have? Can we give each other a blowjob?” asked Austin hopefully

“But of course son, but first we have to get naked,” said Steve nonchalantly. At that moment Austin started to undress his dad he started with the shirt he had worn to bed then he moved to his flannel boxers and he slowly moved them off of Steve’s hips, and he ever so slowly slipped them off. When he did this Steve’s completely hard eight inch cock sprang out and Austin gasped.


“Now it’s your turn,” said Steve. He then roughly removed Austin’s shirt and he marveled at how tone his nineteen year olds chest was, little did he know that his son was thinking the same of his forty year old chest. Steve moved to his son’s flannel boxers and very slowly lifted them off his cock and then pulled them completely off. Once Steve did this Austin’s seven and a half inch cock flipped up like a flagpole.

“Wow son you almost have your old man beaten,” remarked Steve with a smile.

“Are you ready for a blowjob Dad?” asked Austin sexily.


“Of course bring it on!” replied Steve noisily. Without any more pre amble Austin moved to his father’s dick and started to suck it and he alternated between slow and fast and also he used to his tongue to ever so lightly caress the swollen head of his dad’s cock. He then proceeded to take his father’s entire cock into his mouth and used his tongue to lick Steve’s ball sack. Steve moaned and that caused Austin to go even father and when his father cummed in his mouth he swallowed it all.

“Wow Austin you made me cum in less time it took anybody else. You should be proud,”

“It’s my turn now dad and yes I am proud for that and because I swallowed your entire load,” replied Austin with strings of cum hanging off his mouth. Then Steve started to give Austin one of the best blowjobs in his life. He started to run his tongue up and down his son’s cock and swirling it on his head and then, without any problems, he took Austin’s entire cock and started to suck it. After a few minutes Austin screamed in pleasure and then wave after wave of cum poured into Steve’s mouth and he swallowed it all as well. When he had finished he told his son that was one of the best blowjobs he had ever received even those from another man.


“Can we do this again dad?” asked Austin

“Of course we can and maybe something more,” replied Steve cryptically.

To Be Continued…


Written by Jayhawker12

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