Forbidden Fruit

It’s been my experience in life that in general reality rarely lives up to fantasy, however in this particular instance, it simply blew fantasy to hell and back.

I’ve known since I was a young boy, that I was gay. Despite societal mores to the contrary, my ultimate fantasy was to make love to my dad.

Don’t ask me why. Perhaps it was the thrill of “forbidden fruit”, or perhaps it was the fact that the man was covered from head to toe in thick dark fur, which in my opinion is the ultimate turn on. Either way, I always sported a secret hard on for my dad.


Many a night I lie there in my bed, as he slept just across the hall stroking my hard on to ejaculation thinking about his body atop mine.

Many a time, I would adjust the Venetian blinds on the bathroom window, so when he was taking a shower I could stand outside the window and watch him strip naked and watch him pleasure himself to orgasm as I did the same standing on a milk crate out in the back yard.

The fantasy became reality, one Saturday morning in the early spring. I was 19 at the time, and by no means was I a stranger to man-to-man sex. For the past year I’d been having a sexual affair with my 36-year-old College Professor. But I digress…


My mother had gone shopping, and my younger siblings had gone with her. I’d been down the street at a friend’s house. I came home earlier than expected and as I entered the kitchen through the garage the house was silent, not even the ever-present sound of the television could be heard. I passed into the hallway from the dining room, peering into the living room and my father was nowhere to be found.

My parent’s bedroom was at the far end of the hallway, directly across from mine. I soon heard unmistakable sounds of a sexual nature.

Creeping stealth like down the hallway, I inched my way closer to my parent’s door, which was ajar about six inches. Peering through, I could clearly see my father’s reflection in their dresser mirror. He was laying buck naked, and spread eagle in their bed. Fully exposed in all his glory he was tweaking his firm round copper colored nipples with his left hand. His right hand furiously pumping his more than ample manhood.


I froze in my tracks; my own cock immediately sprang forward causing major discomfort at the seams. Slowly I tugged my shirt off over my head, and stepped out of my jeans. Through the fabric of my white cotton jockeys, I began to manipulate my own growing erection till I could no longer stand it and dropped my shorts to the floor.

My father was just your average working Joe. 5′-11″, 185lbs. He had steely blue eyes, and full sensuous lips. Usually clean-shaven, he occasionally wore a moustache and on rare occasions he actually sported a full beard. At this point in time he had a nice well-groomed moustache. His chest was covered in a field of thick, dark fur with only his firm, round nipples protruding. Below the waist, well lets just say I wish the good lord had been as generous to me, as he was to my father. Obviously, the huge cock gene skipped a generation. My dad’s cock was a good 9 inches in length, and firm, and thick.

There he was, lost in the moment. His eyes closed tightly, his head rocking back and forth as deep guttural moans escaped his firm lips. His massive cock standing tall and proud between his furry thighs as he worked himself into a stroking frenzy.


I too was lost in the in my own primal urges or I’d have noticed the he’d opened his eyes, and could see me in the reflection of the mirror as well as I could see him.

I was brought back to reality by his booming baritone voice.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he demanded to know. Standing in the doorway fully erect and totally enticing. Before I could even answer he growled. “Get your ass in here!” Grabbing me by the scruff of the neck he forced me into his room and promptly slammed the door behind us.


Throwing me down on the bed, he towered over me. Glaring down at me was the object of my fantasy fully erect and sexually charged. As he groped his cock and balls and danced them above my face he demanded to know. “Do you like what you see?”

I stammered incoherently for a moment, but managed to blurt out. “Yes..Yes I do.”

“I think you should be punished for spying on me.”


Who was I to argue with him?

He grabbed my ankles and turned me lengthwise on the bed. He crawled onto the bed, and was soon atop me. For the first time, I felt the heat of his cock pressed tight to mine as he lay his hirsute body down onto mine. Soon his tongue worked its way into the dark recess of my throat as he wrapped me in his strong, powerful arms. My entire body became one large nerve ending absorbing every sensation and causing me to quiver in delight as I heartily savored the sensation of his kiss.

As he attempted to end our kiss and raise himself above me, I kept my arms firmly locked around his shoulders, never wanting this moment to end. He managed to break my grip and maneuvered himself across my chest and forcing my mouth open slid his hot, throbbing cock, balls deep down my hungry, eager throat. Grasping his luscious fur covered ass cheeks I inhaled deeply as I sought to swallow every last inch.


Ordinarily, being face fucked by a cock of his stature would induce my gag reflex, but I’d be damned if anything was going to spoil this moment. His massive cock slide effortlessly down my throat.

“Atta boy” he proclaimed breathlessly as he pumped away. “Yea, yea…oh fuck yea, suck .my cock.” He commanded.

Time seemed to stand still, as I was at that moment sucking the cock of my dreams.


Society would have us believe that homosexuality in and of itself is a sin and that incest was the lowest form of sexual interaction. I disagree! What could be more pure, more natural than a father and son who love each other expressing that love in the most basic sense…by making love? I was sucking that cock the created me, about to ingest the semen that conceived me.

But wait, I thought as he attempted to pull his cock out of my mouth.

“Slow down there boy.” He said, “I have other plans for you.”


He rolled off me, and crawled down between my legs, spreading them wide he began in earnest to lick my furry balls. As he worked his way up my rigid shaft, and wrapped his warm wet lips around my cock, he began to physically manipulate my fur-covered nipples. I seriously thought my body was going to explode. Arching my back and screaming in ecstasy I began to buck my ass off the bed. I grabbed the back of his neck to force my entire cock down his throat.

He slid his mouth off my cock and as he looked down at me, an evil, mischievous grin spread across his lips. Grabbing my ankles, he forced my knees down to my chest. I soon felt the head of his enormous cock between my legs, teasing my sweet, puckered ass, which was literally begging to be invaded.

I felt his saliva slickened cock begin to force it’s way deep into my virgin ass. The pain was nearly blinding. My attempts to scream were drown out by his tongue deep in my throat, as he laid his hairy chest upon mine…forcing every last inch of his blood engorged manhood deep inside of me. The pain began to subside and waves of intense pleasure swept over my body like a warm spring breeze after a long cold winter The tempo and intensity of his downward thrust began to increase as he savagely fucked me into oblivion.


Sweat pouring off his hairy chest he feverishly pounded my ass.

Wanting this more than anything, I worked to inhale every scent, to savor every sensation, to indelibly burn this memory into my brain. Holding him tightly and kissing him passionately, making love to him, like only two men can do. If this was idea of punishment I planned to spend the rest of my life being as bad as I could be.

In what seemed like an eternity, but in all reality were probably mere minutes the sensation of his volcanic eruptions into my ass, punctuated by the primal screams of a powerfully intense, blinding white orgasm sent streams of semen blasting from the head of my cock as he impregnated me with his seed.. Spent and exhausted, he withdrew his cock my ravaged ass and collapsed on top of me. We lay there in each other’s arms, kissing tenderly and gently stroking each other’s chests.


I murmured in his ear, “I love you dad.”

“I love you too son”

He rose from the bed; taking my hand he pulled me to my feet. Slapping my ass he said.


“We’d better go take a shower before your mother gets home.”

Written by bellavistabear

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