Father and Son Bonding

It didn’t happen because he was a horny teenager. He was a horny teenager but he had just returned from an hour-long fuck session with his girlfriend when it happened. So it wasn’t only because he was a horny teenager.

Jake came in around one a.m. but he didn’t have to sneak. His parents didn’t mind what time he came in. Plus, his mom was still at work anyway. She spent more time there than anywhere else. His dad was home but figured at eighteen, his son could come and go as he pleased.

So Jake walked in quietly, but he didn’t try to hide. At least not until he saw what waited in the living room. The TV was on but that was it. The weak light from that showed Jake’s father, Steve, lying on the couch. What Jake saw shocked him at first. What shocked him next were the feelings that overwhelmed him.


Steve lay on his back in boxer shorts. Those boxer shorts were covering only his knees. The only thing covering Steve’s rock hard cock was his quickly moving hand as he masturbated. His eyes were closed and small moans came from deep in his chest.

Jake wanted to head to his room and pretend he hadn’t seen this. But he was paralyzed. Fear or shock didn’t paralyze him. Desire did. Jake’s cock grew in his own pants until he had no choice but to put a hand down his pants to ease some of his discomfort.

As Steve’s hands pumped more rapidly on his cock, Jake’s hand mirrored the movements. In no time, father and son were coming in unison. Jake ran to his room, afraid his moans would break free and embarrass them both. Once in his room, Jake found his cock rock hard once again. For the rest of the night, Jake could not get his cock to stay flaccid, mostly because he could not get the image of his father out of his head.


Over the next few days, Jake continued to have that very problem. The attraction didn’t bother him so much on an elemental level. He could deal with being gay or bisexual, though the feelings were new. However, no other man turned Jake on, no matter how much he looked or thought about them. No, it was just his father that had this effect on him. Jake was incredibly turned on by his father.

Jake knew he had to do something about his feelings. If nothing else, he wanted to discuss the feelings with his father perhaps to see if his father ever felt the same in his life, not necessarily towards Jake but maybe his own father or some other man. Jake knew his father was sexually satisfied by Jake’s mother, Nancy. He heard them often. In recent days, Jake was jealous of his own mother. Jake wanted to be fucked by Steve. Jake wanted to take his father’s cock in his mouth and feast on its delicious hardness and juices.

Nancy went away on business, leaving her husband and son alone in the house. Jake knew this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. He waited a few days, letting his father’s sexual frustration build, or so he hoped. Then, he joined Steve in the living room.


“I’m surprised you aren’t out tonight,” Steve commented. Jake shrugged. “It’s been a while since just the two of us had a night together. I thought this would be nice.”

Steve nodded. “Sure. Did you want to do something in particular?”

Here goes nothing, Jake thought. “I thought maybe I could sit in your lap.”



For an answer, Jake got up from his chair, went to the couch, and sat on his father’s lap. Nestling his butt against his father’s crotch, Jake leaned his head back on Steve’s shoulder.

“Jake, what the hell . . .?”


Very determined, Jake began moving his hips so that his butt moved back and forth against his father’s crotch. Steve didn’t struggle but he didn’t encourage his son’s movements either. What he did do, however, was instinct and something he could not hide. Steve’s cock began to grow against his son’s ass and his hips began to hump back.

Smiling, Jack began rubbing his own cock through his jeans. Slowly, he slid off his father’s lap. Ignoring Steve’s protest, Jake knelt in front of him. Jake reached for Steve’s zipper, marveling at the way his father raised his hips towards his hand in order to aid him.

“Oh God,” Steve moaned, as his son freed his erection and began stroking it with his very competent hand. All Steve could do was moan some more as Jake smiled up at him. When his son enveloped his cock with his sweet, wet mouth, Steve’s head fell back in ecstasy.


More to come . . .

Written by Lovely_Emma_21

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