A Father’s Love

I had just turned 18 a few months ago, I remember looking through all the porn magazines my dad had bought and tried hiding in his bedroom. But I discovered something new a couple months ago. My dad was buying gay magazines, this had shocked me a bit, has my fathers taste in sex changed through the years, or did he discover something new.

I had stayed out all night with some friends, and when I got home in the morning I seen my fathers car in the driveway. I knew this was odd, because my dad should have been working.

I unlocked the front door and went in, not seeing my father around the down stairs anywhere, I figured he was still sleeping. I decided to look upstairs, the stairs are carpeted so it was pretty quiet walking up them.


At the end of the hall at the top of the stairs was my fathers bedroom, I walked down the hall towards his room. As I approached I heard he had the tv on, but sounds of moaning was coming from what ever it was he was watching.

I decided to spy in on dad and see what was going on or what he was watching. I snuck up to his door which was only open slightly. From the way the door was ajar, I could see the tv screen, and what I saw was two men in a 69 position on the screen. I was a bit stunned, but as I stood there watching these guys on the tv, my cock was starting to get hard. I could not see my father only the tv, so I had no idea what he was doing, but I imagined him on the bed with his cock out, stroking it, which just made me harder and hornier.

I wanted to see what my father was doing if I could without him seeing me. I stood there now with my hard cock out of my pants stroking while watching the tv. I stood there and heard some low moans from the room. I had to see what dad was doing, so I pushed the door a little trying to open it enough to see him. I got the door open a couple more inches, enough to see the reflection in a mirror that was on his dresser. There was my dad butt naked on the bed with a huge old hard on, like 9 -10 inches and fat in his hand while he stroked away on it.


I was Horney and my cock wanted relief, my dad wanted relief, he was watching gay porn, so I decided I was going to be a bit braver. I stood in the hall and totally stripped out of my cloths. With my raging hard cock in my hand I opened my fathers bedroom door, Dad just looked up, a bit surprised at first, then with a big smile said come on in son.

I walked over to the bed where he was but my eyes were memorized on his cock, so big, and huge with his red/purplish cock head, pre cum dripping from it. My mouth was open as I bent over and took the head of his cock in my mouth, tasting his pre cum, dad stuck his hand under my balls and started playing, also feeling his fingers touch my asshole lightly.

I don’t know how long dad had been all worked up, but I new he was going to shoot his load any minute, I sucked as much of his cock in my mouth as I could, working his cock with my mouth. I felt his cock growing even bigger, dad was moaning a little louder, I knew it would be soon. Dad pushed my head down on his cock and I felt him explode as his cum was pumped in my mouth. Swallowing all I could but not enough as it started seeping out the sides of my mouth. I drained my fathers cock until his cock was getting soft. During all this my dad was stroking my cock till it was hard as nails and leaking all over his hands,


I stood up, Dad pulled me closer to him by my cock until it was right in front of his face. He opened his mouth and engulfed my cock, not as big as his at only about 7 inches and not as fat, dad had no problem swallowing my cock down his throat. I grabbed dad by the back of his head and started fucking his mouth, I knew dad was loving it as he gobbled on my cock. I knew I was going to Cumming real quick with a great blow job like this as he worked my cock with his mouth.

I rammed my cock down his throat one last time as I blasted his throat with my cum, dad was swallowing my juice, my mind was being blown as well as my cock I could not believe dad was sucking my cock.

When I finished and pulled my cock out of dads mouth, he invited me to lie next to him and finish watching the movie with him. I got into the bed next to my father and lied next to him. Dad said I was a good cock sucker, I said thank you like father like son I told him. I know he said, did you like all my porn magazines you found while growing up he asked. Dad added that he only half heartedly tried to hide them from me. Yes I said. Dad said I hid my gayness from you because I wanted you to make your own mind up and not be influenced by me. But what about those gay magazines I seen a couple months ago I asked. Dad said he wanted to see what kind of interest I had in them, said he knew every time I got into to them. Dad said I wasn’t hoping this happened but I’m glad it did he said. So am I a said to my father


I seen that both our cocks were starting to grow again as we stroked them looking at each other as we did. Then Dad got up in between my legs he went, throwing my legs back so my ass was exposed. Dad was down on my ass, I felt his tongue on my ass, it felt great as dad licked my ass, then I felt a finger playing with my hole. Then the finger went into my ass, I moaned in pleasure as dad finger fucked my ass first with one finger then I felt a second slip in. Oh fuck me I said to dad fuck my ass, dad got up, and with spit he lubed his cock, then pointed it right at my ass, I felt the pressure as he pushed his cock in my ass, a little at a time allowing me to get used to it. With in a minute I had my fathers cock buried deep in my ass, then he slowly started pumping my ass, harder, deeper I told dad as he pumped me, oh dad I said that feels great, I have never been fucked before I told him, just seen it done in your magazines. That feels so great dad fuck the shit out of me I said.

Dad had his hand rapped around my cock pumping it as he fucked me. I knew I was going to cum again, I told dad I was going to blow my load as he pumped my cock. Dad said dad said he was getting close himself, I felt his cock growing getting harder and fatter, I blew my load all over my chest and stomach, which must have thrown dad into no return as his pumped me deep and held it there as he filled my ass with his cum, blast after blast, it felt so great. Exhausted, dad feel back on the bed, Oh son he said I love you so much,. I love you to dad I said back.

Dad said now we have to get dressed and cleaned up before your mom gets home. I smiled at dad and said our little secrete, but hope we can do it again sometime.


Dad said you bet son, your mom stopped having sex with me a few years ago so its all yours any time you want it, next time I want you to fuck me he said. I smiled and walked out of his room and down the stairs, didn’t have time but to turn the tv on and sit down and mom walked into the house and asked me how my day was, for filling I told her.

Written by wdambill

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