Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 03

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Dad is a Body Builder

“I’ve gotten the last load of towels in the dryer,” said Tony, the new employee as he approached the desk where his boss stood working. Doug Frasier looked up from his business of closing the books on the day’s activity at his gym to see the short, stocky, handsome young man standing across the counter from him grinning. “Do you want me to do anything else while I’m waiting for the towels to finish?”

Watching the beaming young man, obviously anxious to please, Doug quickly appraised the boy’s well developed pectorals pushing through his tight t-shirt, their nipples showing distinctly against the thin fabric.

“No,” Doug replied while his eyes continued to scan him. Tony had only recently begun working at the gym, but his physical development reflected several years of weight lifting while in high school. “Why don’t you go ahead and leave for the evening. I will finish the towels before I close up.”


“I don’t mind staying,” Tony replied. “In fact, if you don’t mind, I might spend some time in the sauna while I’m waiting.” Doug replied that would be fine with him and then, with his eyes, followed his employee as he headed toward the locker room with the nearby sauna. Doug found himself consciously noticing the movement of Tony’s rear end. He also felt a growing sensation of throbbing in his groin at the sight.

Doug was not unfamiliar with these feelings. After adulthood spent in the world of body builders, he was comfortable around gay men and knew that he could occasionally appreciate a man’s body. Recently, however, he seemed to be becoming more aware of his urges. And the recent hire of Tony seemed to have incited these feelings even more.

Putting away his work, Doug soon followed the young man into the locker room. He could hear water spraying in the shower. Looking into the tiled room he saw a naked Tony, his body arched backward facing the shower head while spray hit his face and body. The bend of his back emphasized the rounded cheeks of the young man’s ass. Suddenly, the familiar feel and sight of another’s young man’s butt imposed itself on Tony’s backside in Doug’s mind, thoughts that were quickly rejected.


“I’m going to be hanging out in the locker room working on some poses for the contest Saturday,” Doug spoke as he stared into the shower. Tony abruptly turned at the sound of a voice, then smiled and gave the older man a wave. “Sure,” he replied.

Doug walked to a locker at the end of a row where he kept his personal belongings. Quickly flipping the lock open, he had the door standing open and was beginning to strip from his clothes when, unseen by him, Tony peered through the shower opening to watch.

Even though he’d never seen his boss undressed, it was impossible to not notice the framed photographs of Doug on various walls around the gym. He had been photographed posing for competitions wearing only the briefest of garments. Checking out the pictures, Tony had speculated what kind of arousal he would feel seeing the man in the flesh, and here, he thought to himself, it was about to happen.


He watched as Doug stood naked as he reached to remove a skimpy posing suit from a shelf at the top of his locker,. then bent over to step into it. Tony felt his dick begin to rise when he saw the body builder’s rounded, muscular ass. He returned to turn off the shower before reaching for a towel and returning to the doorway.

By then Doug was standing in front of a full length mirror in the locker room studying his body. “Do you mind if I watch,” Tony spoke when he entered the room. “I’ve been thinking about asking you for some competition pointers anyway.”

Doug turned to see Tony standing with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Sure,” the man replied. “Just don’t talk, I need to really concentrate. If you have any questions ask them later.” With that speech, Doug struck his first flex pose with his arms.


Tony watched while the man went from pose to pose. He took in the sight of the tight suit barely covering his muscular ass cheeks. He watched while the bulge between Doug’s legs seemed to grow fuller as he worked. He noticed how intently Doug concentrated on his work as flexing muscles tightened and expanded.

The young man found that the thrill of watching caused his cock to begin to stiffen. He turned and stepped into the steam room when it had become impossible for him to hide the hard dick behind his towel. Unknown to Tony, Doug had observed the same happening and, in response, had felt his own cock beginning to fill with the excitement of being watched.

Distracted from his practice, Doug eventually gave up preparing for the performance and returned to his locker while stripping from the suit. Turning to head toward the shower, he quickly grabbed a towel. As he approached the door to the sauna he began arguing with himself about whether or not he should also go in the sauna. He knew that the titillations inspired by Tony’s voyeurism were leading him to a decision he wasn’t sure was advisable.


After all, Tony was his employee. He also told himself that he was too close to the age of Mark, his son. He was unsure of those implications. However, once standing beside the door, he cast doubts from his mind and entered the steamy room.

“I think I’ll join you,” he said entering the room.

Tony abruptly covered himself with his towel. Alone in the sauna, he had been stroking his aroused penis with images of his boss in his mind.


Doug sat on the bench across from him. He had also caught the sight of a towel being hastily thrown across Tony’s lap when he entered the room. Awkwardness filled the small room as each watched the other through the haze of steam.

“It’s warm in here,” Doug spoke first, “Feels good.” Doug sat bent over with his elbows on his thighs he wondered what might happen next. Across from him Tony sat also wondering how open he could be in expressing what a turn on it was to find himself naked, wrapped in only a towel, and sitting with a celebrity of the body building world.

Uncertain of how to take advantage of the situation, and equally uncertain of what he was willing to have occur, Doug sat still while occasionally looking up to wipe sweat from his face. When he did he noticed that Tony had moved his hand to beneath his towel. The thought that the young man was becoming aroused while watching excited Doug. This was the same feeling that he would occasionally get while standing on a stage nearly naked posing for an audience. Feeling bold, he slowly began opening his knees, hoping that by sitting on the edge of the bench the way he was would expose his dick and balls.


The young man gasped when he saw Doug open his legs. Between the muscular thighs he could see the shape of a cock exposed beneath the towel. “He’s luring me on,” Tony thought to himself. As the young man slipped his hand from his own towel, the fabric partially slid from his lap to rest draped over his aroused cock, now upright between his legs.

Excited by this overt act from Tony, Doug overcame any reservations he was having and undid the towel from his waist, then laid the portion that had been covering his lap on the bench beside him. “Here,” he thought to himself, “this is what you want.” He was now sitting naked with his legs spread open and his cock growing hard.

Tony gasped at the site of Doug’s hard cock. Uncertain if he should make any comment, he reframed from words and stood from sitting to step across the small distance between the benches. He reached to place his hands on Doug’s knees as the man leaned backward against the wall, opening his legs more.


Without fanfare, he placed his mouth on his boss’s cock, pushing downward until he felt it harden and press against the back of his throat. Doug gasped abruptly to feel the warm wet cavity of the boy’s mouth as his cock was drawn inward.

“Oh yes,” the man whispered, “suck on that boy.”

Hearing the words spoken by his boss, Tony’s body responded with excitement and he felt the head of his cock, now harder than he could ever remember, begin to drip with fluid. He reached down with one hand to smear the flow over his shaft while he began stroking himself.


Doug looked to see movement in the young man’s shoulder and the thought of someone pleasuring himself as he sucked on his cock excited him more. He took both of his hands and placed the fingers over the young man’s skull, covered in a thick rug of hair, then began pushing it up and down, feeling the boy’s mouth riding on his cock.

“Suck that pole of mine,” he spoke and then added, “you cocksucker.” This was immediately followed by a moaning from between his legs accompanied by a nodding of affirmative.

Doug had been sucked off a few times by a man, but this time he felt bolder and freer to unleash fantasies only realized before in his mind.


“Do you like that cock, boy,” he said and applied a small slap to the side of Tony’s head.

“Oh yes Sir,” he heard the boy mumble accompanied by a hard jerking from the arm reaching beneath his body.

Sliding abruptly from the bench and using his fingers he grasped the young man’s hair and pulled his head backward away from him. The sight of the expression on Tony’s face, his eyes half-open and saliva dripping from his mouth, incited Doug to divulge words that had only previously been thoughts only known to him.


“So you like sucking my cock, you little bitch,” he snapped at the young man while applying a harder slap across his cheek. Doug startled himself with the ferocity and certainty with which he spoke them. He was beginning to enjoy this game.

With a moan Tony suddenly dropped to his knees in front of Doug and lowered his head between the man’s legs. Rubbing his face against the man’s massive thigh he spoke in a voice unlike the one Doug had grown accustomed to hearing over the past few weeks. It was a softer, submissive voice and seemed to hold a plea.

“Oh yes Sir, I’ll like anything you want to do to me,” he said.


Unexpectedly facing a scene which Doug had only occasionally fantasized in his private moments while hardly even admitting it to himself, the man felt his cock stiffen like never before and excitement like never before filled his chest.

“Then we’ll just have to see what you’re willing to do,” he said in a snarling tone. “If you’re my bitch, swallow those balls of mine boy.” He shoved Tony’s face to his crotch while lifting one leg to the bench, exposing his hanging balls.

Without hesitation Tony began first licking, then sucking lightly on Doug’s balls. Soon the man felt the sensation of one of his balls being sucked into the boy’s mouth. It was accompanied by a new feeling of tugging from inside of his body. Tony opened his mouth wide and looked upward into Doug’s face while he navigated both of the man’s balls into the cavity.


Doug gave a gasp then began shoving Tony’s face into his groin as he rubbed back and forth across his face. He could feel the sensation of warmth fill his balls and the unusual feeling of his insides being tugged downward into his scrotum.

“Suck on those, you little cunt,” Doug pushed upward on Tony’s head. The young man moaned even louder.

After minutes Doug stepped away from the young man, leaving him hungrily licking around his lips, the way an animal would.


“So you want to play this game, boy,” he said, reaching down to grab the young man’s forearm while lifting him upward. Tony stood up and leaned his face toward Doug, puckering his lips as though ready for a kiss.

“I didn’t say that,” Doug shoved him back. Startled,. Tony looked back expectantly.

“I said this,” and he sat back down on the bench pulling Tony downward toward him. “I said, get across my lap, you little bitch.” Tony was roughly jerked onto Doug’s lap, his crotch resting on the man’s thighs with his ass cheeks exposed.


“I think I want to teach you a lesson, a lesson on being obedience to me while you’re working here.”

Tony cried out, “Oh yes Sir, teach me what you want me to learn,” then giving a sharp scream as Doug’s palm landed sharply on an ass cheek.

The young man squirmed while he cried out, “Teach me Sir, and teach me how to serve you.”


With the words requesting service, Doug’s hand began to land harder and harder across the backside of the young man. He felt excitement rise in his hard dick with each blow across the reddening cheeks of the young man.

Tony was no longer whimpering from the spanking, he was squiring and screaming while shedding tears. The muscular man didn’t let up until pleas his please changed beginning Doug to stop. “You asked for this, you’re going to get it,” he snarled backward at first, though eventually his own palm had begun to burn. Then he slowed his blows and began to rub gently over the young man’s ass cheeks, now glowing a bright red.

Doug slipped a finger into the crack between the red mounds and began probing around the boy’s puckered anus. Tony’s sniffling had stopped and he responded to the finger probes by undulating his ass and moaning with pleasure.


“You want me to fuck you, little bitch,” Doug leaned toward the writhing figure.

“Oh please, yes fuck me please,” Tony whimpered back.

\Shoving Tony from him, Doug stood and ordered the young man to lean on the lower bench in front of him. He obeyed and Doug stepped forward to place his cock between the cheeks of the man now leaning over with his hands on the wooden bench.


“Like this Sir,” he spoke back to Doug.

Without responding Doug grasped his own cock to begin rubbing the head between Tony’s still red ass cheeks, probing for the hole.

“You’re going to get fucked by his big cock, boy,” the man spoke as he felt the tip of the head against the warmth of the young man’s puckered ass hole. His dick, slick from the steam and sweat of the room, needed no lubricant as he pushed it forward and down into Tony.


“Oh yes, that’s it,” the young man muttered, “fuck my hole with your big cock Sir.”

“Shut up, boy,” Doug slapped against one of the red cheeks. Taking his fingers, his spread open the butt cheeks to better his aim into Tony’s opening hole. He was soon buried against the boy feeling the warmth and soft flesh of the young man’s insides.

With a rocking motion, Doug began slowly thrusting back and forward driving his hips like pistons.


Tony moaned loudly as Doug’s thrusting increased to a slow pounding against him. With one hand he grabbed his own hard cock to begin stroking, submitting himself to the feel of the cock inside of him and his own stimulations. He began to openly moan and rock in motion with Doug’s thrusting.

Taking Tony’s ass in his hands, Doug jerked the hips backward into his thrusting cock. He gritted his teeth as his breath began snorting through his nostrils like the bull this made him feel like.

Placing his hands on Tony’s shoulders, he squatted backward on his heels and begin humping, the way a bull rides a cow.


As both men approached their climaxes, cries of passion filled the steamy room. Unnoticed to either, their sweat mingled together over slimy bodies in fervid motion.

Doug said it first, “I’m going to fill your hole up with cum, you little bitch.”

Tony responded with his own anxious submission of “Fuck me Sir, take me like your bitch.”


A cry came from Doug’s throat resembling a loud growl as rivers of is cum began coursing from his body, through the shaft of his cock, then shooting into Tony’s body.

At that exact moment Tony jerked his hand sharply as his own jizz shot from him onto the bench and began dripping down to the floor.

Once he was spent, Doug felt his cock soften and begin sliding from Tony’s warm hole with a plop. Both men held their position for a long moment before Doug made the first step backward.


Tony stood upright and turned to look at his boss who was now looking down at the spots of white cum splashed across the wooden bench.

Pointing Tony toward the bench Doug said, “Clean that up before you leave.” Then, after pausing he added, “In fact, lick it up now.”

As he walked out of the sauna he saw Tony fall to his knees and begin using his tongue licking up the spots of cum.


Written by cburton

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