His Biggest Fan

Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Thanks to ChickpeaAlpha for help with editing. All characters are 18 years and older.



“Yeah, I’ll be there,” Jacob said into the receiver before hanging up. He pulled the navy blue comforter down below his neck and tried to focus his weary eyes on the alarm clock. “1:15 am,” he muttered to himself. “Real nice, Dad.” The sleepy blond didn’t bother to put any underwear on; he just pulled up the nearest pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt before grabbing his car keys.

Jacob had always known that it’d be only a matter of time before he got thrown into his father’s designated driving circle, and tonight was the night. Woody’s, the rough and tumble bar where his father always hung out, was just a few miles away, so this meant that he’d probably be getting quite a few phone calls now that he was actually old enough to go inside.



“Alright, where is he?” Jacob sighed with his arms folded. Almost every face in the bar was a familiar one. He’d seen them during keg parties in the backyard at Dad’s house or between band sessions in the studio. Jacob’s father wasn’t the average dad. He didn’t believe in cutting his hair, or working 8 to 5, or waking up before noon. But that was the musician in him and although he had retired two years earlier at the age of 40, no way was he changing his act.

“Yo, where’s Travis?” Steve the bartender called out in his gruff voice. “His boy’s here lookin’ for him.”

Jacob took a good look around and there he was; tall with long dark hair, ripped jeans, and a leather jacket…his father. The older man had a cigarette hanging off the tip of his mouth while he chatted up some young girl out on the side patio. Someone walked over and tapped on the window, before pointing in Jacob’s direction. Travis looked inside, then started wrapping things up with the girl. He came in from the patio with a disappointed expression on his face. His son knew the reason for it, but didn’t care.


“You can pout all you want,” Jacob began. “The bar is getting ready to close and you’ve had all night to get laid. Just feel grateful that one of your friends actually cared enough to call someone who isn’t drunk to come pick your ass up. Now get in the car,” the blond demanded.

“Shit, man,” Travis snickered. “When the fuck did you become my father?” he slurred in his drunken stupor and climbed in the passenger’s seat as his son started the car up.

Travis had always been pretty good at holding his composure under the influence, but one thing that always escaped him was the ability to control his sexual dissatisfaction.


“Dude!” Jacob practically yelled once he came to a stoplight and looked over at his father. Travis was running a skilled hand over the bulge in his jeans.

“Shut up, man. I didn’t get any tonight. None of those girls did it for me, not ’til that last one showed up. God, she was hot,” the older man smiled while squeezing himself. “Wish I coulda stayed longer…”

Embarrassingly enough, Jacob could feel himself becoming aroused at the sight of his father’s attempt to masturbate in the car. It started with a tingling sensation and then he felt his manhood swell with curiosity. His dad was attractive, he’d always been attractive, and they’d never had a traditional father-son relationship because Travis was always on tour. So sometimes it was easy to feel turned on by him. To this day Jacob still felt guilty about a the time he jerked off to a photo of his shirtless father in a magazine spread a couple years earlier. But things were different now. He was an adult and he knew how to keep those sort of desires in check…or so he hoped.


“Oh yes…” Jacob’s father hissed. His thumb and index finger were teasing the end of his cock through tight denim.

“Stop that already.”

“Jake, chill out,” Travis insisted. “Besides, you’re one to talk with your junk hangin’ out like that,” the older man snickered.


“What?” Jacob suddenly realized that his half-hardened penis had risen through the opening of his pajama pants and the blond now wished that he had just worn some damn underwear.

“So what gave you that boner?” the dark haired man asked coyly, with a grin slathered across his face.

“Nothing!” Jacob growled. He knew where his father was going this. Similar situations had come up before. “You’re so arrogant. You think everybody wants you,” the boy said defensively, adjusting himself at the same time.


“Don’t they?” Travis asked and put a hand between his son’s legs. Jacob was so stunned he nearly drove right into the mailbox as he pulled up to their home. “Ha! I knew it,” Travis clapped and began exiting the car after it came to a stop.

“That doesn’t mean anything. I just didn’t expect you to do that!” the younger man barked through his driver side window.

“No, you got excited!” Travis insisted as he pulled out the house keys from his jacket pocket, satisfied by the knowledge that even his own son couldn’t resist feeling attracted to him.


“I’m not having this conversation with you.” Jacob pulled into the garage, locked up, then attempted to make his way down the hall before Travis and he crossed paths again. The coast looked clear, so he went upstairs. But when he got to his room, Travis was sitting on the bed shirtless and with his pants unbuttoned. A memory of the spread in that old music magazine flashed in his head. “Get out of my room.”

“Make me,” Travis answered in a tone that his son wasn’t used to hearing. Jacob just stood there for a minute, at a loss for the right thing to say. He was struggling to see Travis as just his father, but a big part of him still felt like an average fan, who after seeing their favorite musician on television for many years was finally getting the chance to be alone with him. “You ever been with an older man?

“What?! No, of course not.”


“You want me to pop your cherry?” Travis teased.

“Dad, that’s sick.”

The boy’s father hesitated for a moment, then reclined backward onto the pillows and got comfortable. “No one has to know,” he replied in a soft, but encouraging voice. Jacob swallowed hard, debating the consequences of his next move, whatever that might be. But shortly, he felt his feet move in the direction of the bed. “That’s it,” his father beckoned him and sat up once the boy was in reaching distance. He took his son by the arm, pulling him close. Jacob sat down stiffly. “Relax.” Travis rubbed his shoulders, his back, and then went under his son’s shirt.


Jacob closed his eyes at the sensation of his left nipple being tweaked. His mouth parted almost involuntarily to give way to a soft moan and Travis slipped his tongue inside. He tasted like alcohol and smelled a little like it too, but for some reason that was arousing.

The younger man was surprised by how ready he actually felt for all of this. He was apprehensive, but not scared; cautious but willing. And now that the first move had been made, he felt as if he could do anything.

Jacob began stroking his father’s long hair the way he had always dreamed of doing when he was younger, the way that groupies had always had the pleasure of doing while the blond sat back feeling envious. Then he felt his pajama pants being yanked downward. The cool air seized his skin and the hair on his legs began to stand up. Travis pressed him down to the bed, lying on top of his son and sucking his nipples. His mouth made wet sounds and pleasurable ones too. “You want me to suck somewhere else? Hm?” the dark haired man asked lustfully.


“Yes, yes…” Jacob agreed. The mattress shifted as Travis lowered himself to a kneeling position on the carpet. The warmth from his face was at his son’s crotch and the blond bit his lower lip as he waited in anticipation. The first lick was so gentle it could barely be felt, but that just made Jake’s cock get harder as it yearned for more stimulation. Soon, he felt his Dad’s lips slowly descend his entire length. “Ah, shit…” he moaned and gripped his father’s strong shoulders. He could feel the head of his dick enter the deepest part of Travis’s throat. It was so soft back there and slippery and he loved the feeling of being devoured. Then the licking continued in feverish strokes. “Can I try it?” Jacob questioned after just a couple minutes of getting blown.

“Already?” Travis asked while looking up. Jacob nodded. The dark haired man took his son deep one more time and had a good long suck on it before letting his young length slip out. Travis pulled his pants down and they switched positions. When Jacob knelt at the bed, the scent on his father’s cock was strong. It was the scent of his potent pre-cum that he’d been leaking for a while now. Being a novice at this game, his son wasn’t sure where to start. “Jakey, lick the head first. Taste me.” Following orders, the blond snaked a tongue around the bulbous tip of his father’s erection. “Ooohh…” Travis moaned loudly. He was feeling sensitive. “Good boy…”

Jacob progressed to exploring the entire length of Travis with his tongue. He trailed up from the sack to the tip, then visited the sides, wetting every part of it with his saliva. The blond’s mouth bobbed up and down on his father’s cock while steadying it with one hand. But after a while his palm began to feel slippery as he realized that his spit was beginning to drip its way down to his Dad’s pubic hair and then to his balls. Impulsively, the blond lapped up the excess saliva and familiarized himself with Travis’ scrotum. His father made an unidentifiable sound.


“Sorry,” the younger man said hurriedly. “Was that okay?”

“It was perfect,” Travis laughed. “I just didn’t expect it.” Jacob was relieved to hear that his father approved. “Oh, fuck!” the older man shouted as his son eagerly went back to playing with his balls and this time they were being sucked into his mouth. “Open up!” Travis demanded. He held his son’s face with both hands and re-entered with his stiff penis. Jacob wasn’t used to deep-throating. He’d never done it before and started to gag. Travis took it easy on him for just a minute by letting him get some air, then sank himself back down the blond’s throat.

Despite repeatedly being choked by his father’s erection, Jacob enjoyed it. He held onto the dark haired man’s thigh’s, forcing himself to endure the abuse. Travis started fucking his face and hissing about how good the blow job felt. Jake lost himself in the satisfaction of pleasing his father. His young cock was twitching uncontrollably and he had to stop sucking before the excitement made him come all over the floor. “Enough,” he said, panting and wiping excess spit away from his mouth with the back of his wrist.


“Time to fuck you now,” Travis growled, pulling his son up onto the bed.

“I think, I think I have some lube in the drawer,” Jacob managed to say in between breaths.

The blond’s father made a guttural sound and then spit into his hand. “I don’t need that shit,” he insisted. “Now lie on your back and bend your knees.” Jacob spread his legs as the older man tongued his asshole and prodded the tight opening with a finger. “Mmm,” he hummed, eating his son’s asshole, then he slicked his penis up with the spit from his hand.


For the first time since they began, Jacob felt a little scared as the reality of what was about to happen became very apparent. They weren’t just fooling around anymore. His dad wanted sex and he was the type of person who was used to getting everything he wanted. Jacob remembered how he used to wonder about the girls with backstage passes at his father’s concerts. Had they ever felt nervous too? Had they ever—

“Wait a sec—uh!” the blond attempted to at least take a moment to mentally prepare himself, but Travis was already pushing himself inside. He was horny and waiting really wasn’t an option.

“Hmph!” the dark haired man groaned as he leaned forward. “Shit, so tight!” He swung his long hair out of his face with one toss of the head and slowly started to get a rhythm going. Then he found his son’s neglected erection and began pumping it.


“Oh…” the younger boy moaned. “God!” His father’s thumb was pressed right across the slit on top of his cock and it felt incredible. His thumb circled the sensitive area, eliciting more moans, and swear words, and promises to be a very good boy if Daddy would just keep doing this to him. Jacob could feel bliss deep within his body as the cock inside kept working his prostate. He reached for his father’s ass and pulled him forward. “Fuck me!” he cried out.

Travis picked up the pace, humping his son as best as he knew how. When his legs got tired, the older man hovered over Jacob’s face and began to kiss him passionately. They were both sweating and aching to come. “Can I?” the older man whispered and licked the side of his son’s face.

“Unload all of it. Spurt it all inside me. Fill me up…” the younger man whined. They embraced each other harder than they ever had, mixing sweat, and warmth, and desire. But Travis needed more. He really needed to hear Jacob say the dirty little thing that made this night so nasty.


“No, Jakey. Tell me what you know I wanna hear. Say ‘Fill me up, Daddy.’ Tell me…”

“Yes, Daddy. Come in me.” Just listening to himself speak those words sent Jacob’s body into sexual convulsion. The harder he pressed himself against his father, the more stimulated his manhood became until finally, “Dad, fuck me!” he yelled and the boy couldn’t hold it any longer. His spunk surged between them, mixing with the perspiration of their hot, slick bodies.

Travis smiled to himself and laughed and fucked even harder! He felt proud of being able to get his son off. It made him feel virile and alive. Jacob was still clawing his father’s back and whimpering as his orgasm began to subside. Looking down at the blond’s face was so satisfying. Travis kissed him one last time.


“I love you…” Jacob whispered.

“Tell me again.”

“I love you…”


“Oh shit! Ahhh!” Travis growled lustfully. His balls tightened up and semen began pouring out of his pisshole, into his son’s hungry anus. He wouldn’t pull out until he knew every hot stream was inside. Once his penis softened, the older man abandoned his son’s hole and rolled over. Jacob looked like he was about to fall asleep. “I love you too, ya know,” Travis admitted while stroking the boy’s face.

“Enough to clean me up?” the blond asked with a smile and just a hint of exhaustion in his voice. Travis sprang from the bed, heading to the bathroom for a damp towel. He wiped his own body clean and then Jake’s as his parental instincts returned. “Dad?” Jacob asked when Travis climbed back into the bed and pulled his offspring close. “Still mad at me for interrupting before you got to screw that groupie slut tonight?” he asked.

“Not a chance,” Travis began. “I think you’re way sluttier than she is. After all…” the older man yawned. “…you fucked your own dad. So you’re way more fun,” Travis mused. “Now shut up and go to sleep. Dad says it’s past your bedtime.”


Written by BatteryOperated

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