My Fantastic Family Sex Life

Note: This is the first in series of three stories about the adventures of a bisexual dad. This one includes some explicit gay sex, so if that bothers you, you’d better move on.


“Your mother wants you to fuck her,” I announced, as I slid my full eight inches into my son’s well-oiled asshole.


“Oh yeah?” he gasped, his sphincter clutching at my tool as he took it in. “How do you know?”

“The last three times we’ve role-played, she’s asked me to pretend to be you,” I said, as I set up a nice, steady rhythm. “I’d say that’s pretty conclusive.”

“Holy fuck…” he groaned. “Damn, just thinking about fucking Mom while your cock’s plugging my ass it makes me wanna cum already, Dad.”


I grinned as his Kevin’s butt muscles clutched at my cock. I hoped this was going to be one of his three or four cum days. I’d already sucked him until he dumped a very respectable load down my throat, see, and I hadn’t had my ass reamed out yet. I reached under him and cupped one of his hard pecs in my hand, then tweaked his nipple, which made him clench his rectum in response. Damn, my son’s hole was tighter than anything I’d ever fucked, and I wasn’t exactly inexperienced. It felt like a velvet glove grabbing me, sending those old familiar sensations spiraling out of my balls…

I knew what was coming, so I thrust harder into him, roughly, almost savagely, and my free hand joined one of his on his own large cock. Peppering his neck and back with kisses, I kept pounding and stroking away until I felt his glossy pre-cum dribbling onto my hand…and then I increased the rhythm. As he groaned in release and I felt his hot seed drench both of our hands, I let myself go, bellowing as I blew a huge load up my boy’s ass.



Oddly enough, my son’s not gay…not really. In fact, until a year ago, I wouldn’t have said that Kevin had a gay bone in his body, and he’s never show the slightest sign of femininity, even when I’ve got my cock planted deep in his ass. Nor did I consider myself gay or bi…until my son told me he wanted my cock.

I was driving him home from football practice when he broached the subject. He was very tentative and nervous that afternoon, which is what I noticed first. I took in his flushed face as he slammed the car door and asked, concerned, “What’s the matter, kiddo? You get overheated?”

“No,” he muttered, staring at his shoes.


“Then what is it?” I asked, as I pulled into the street. “If there’s something bothering you, you can be honest with me. You know that.”

Kevin looked up at me suddenly and said, breathlessly, “Fine, I’ll tell you. Remember when you thought nobody was home but you and Mom at three o’clock yesterday afternoon?”

“Yes…” I said cautiously.


“I was home.” His face was pale. “I got out of class early.”

“And…?” I said, drawing it out. I already knew where this was going.

“And I was up in my room, and I saw you and Mom having sex out on the deck.”


I nodded, my stomach feeling a little tight. “And you had a good view.”

“No. I had a great view. Of everything.”

We drove on for a few minutes in silence as he drummed the fingers of his right hand on the armrest of the passenger door. Finally I said, “Son, I’m sorry if that bothered you…but we didn’t exactly mean to give you a free show. You kids were supposed to be at school, and we are married, after all.”


“It didn’t bother me,” he said quickly. “Well…it did, but not the way you’re thinking. Actually, it, uh, made me really…”

“…Horny?” I supplied.

“Yeah, that. I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s like I have a fever or something.”


I shrugged. “So jack off.”

He looked at me, shocked, his false glowing red. “Dad! Dude!”

“Nothing unnatural about masturbating, kiddo.”


“I know that.” Then he muttered something that I wasn’t sure I heard right.

“What was that?”

“I said I jacked off like five times last night!” He said loudly. “And once in the boy’s room between classes today.” The air whooshed out of him in one huge sigh.


“Wow,” I laughed, “seems like you got your sex drive from both your parents! But you know, I can’t blame you…your mama’s one hot babe.”

“Yeah, she is,” he said, sounding happy now that he’d gotten all that off his chest. But then his tone lowered, and he all but whispered, “But it was mostly you I was thinking about.”

I almost wrecked the car. “Whaaaaat?” I croaked when I regained control.


“It was you fucking Mom that made me really hot,” he admitted. “I, uh, I never thought of a guy that way before, especially my own Dad…but when I saw you pounding into her ass with that huge cock of yours, and I saw what great shape you’re in…I just couldn’t help it.”

I pulled into the tiny parking lot behind the jewelry store I own, turned off the car, and looked straight at him. “So you’re saying you want to have sex with me. You want your own Daddy’s cock.”

He gulped, then returned my gaze and said boldly. “Yes. Yes I do…Daddy.”


I peered at him for a long moment, and then pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. He looked a little worried as I dialed. When my wife picked up, I said, “Honey, I’m on my way home from picking up Kev at football practice, but we’ve gotta stop off at the sporting goods store for something.” I looked straight in my son’s eyes as I lied to her. “Oh, it’s a boy thing, no worries, I’ll tell you later. We’ll be gone about an hour longer than I expected, so hold dinner, okay?”

After I said goodbye, I powered off the phone so we wouldn’t be bothered for a while. Then I reached out and fondled the sudden, hopeful bulge in his pants. “Okay, let’s do this,” I said, grinning, feeling suddenly thrilled beyond measure.

I led him upstairs to the little apartment above the store, stripped him down, and we proceeded to have passionate gay sex for the next hour. It was a first for both of us.



That day is long in the past, and we’ve probably fooled around a hundred times since then.

Back in the present, I pulled my cock out of his spermy ass and led him to a nearby chair, whereupon I sank down and started licking his tool. I couldn’t wait to get his monster in my own ass, but it had to be nice and stiff first. “So, you want to fuck your Mom?” I said between slurps.


I could tell he did, because his cock was working its way back to hardness quicker than normal. He laughed. “Of course! All guys want to fuck their moms these days.”

“Aha.” I said, then took him into my mouth and sucked like a vacuum cleaner. I’ve come to the conclusion that it really takes a guy to give a good blowjob, because we really know what we like. When I pulled off, I said, “You should fuck her. She needs you bad.”

He grinned as I went down on him again. “And how do you suggest I go about it, old man?”


I stopped sucking and stood up. “You better watch it, kid, or you won’t get to fuck this ‘old man’ up the ass.”

“Sorreee,” he said, grinning even more.

“Yeah, yeah.” His well-lubricated cock was already at full hardness, so I sat down on it, guiding his thick seven inches into my anus with one hand. It felt like a baseball bad was forcing its way into my ass; then it hit the bump of my prostate, and a chill went up my spine. I reveled in the delicious thick tightness. When we were well situated, he wrapped his arms around me and tweaked my nipples as we started to bounce. Gasping, my face already hot and red as I reveled at how impressively he filled me up, I said, “I’m going…to a convention…in Boston next week. Four days. Climb in bed with her…that night…and screw the living shit out of her. She’ll love it.”


The convention was actually only for three days; the fourth day I was going to spend in my oldest daughter’s house in the next town over, screwing the living shit out of her. See, I’m fucking all three of my kids as well as their hot, horny Mom.

“Sounds like a plan, Daddy,” my nineteen-year-old gasped as I grabbed his meat-hammer hard with my rectal muscles. I felt his strong hands clutch extra tight as he spewed about a gallon of his incestuous seed deep into my ass, and I shook with sheer pleasure.

I gotta say, I really do have one fantastic family sex life.



Written by TheRhymer

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