Jay and Kip

Jay emerged from the bathroom, a white towel low around his hips. Kip was sprawled on the bed, naked, his cock flopping lazily to one side, his eyes closed. Jay was the shorter and more heavily-built of the two, and though he saw him naked every day, he couldn’t help admiring the other’s lithe, athletic body. As he approached the bed, Kip’s eyes opened, meeting his own. ‘It’s still early,’ said Jay. In one smooth movement, Kip swung around on the bed so that his head was just off the edge, under Jay’s crotch, and snatched off the towel. He let out a little moan of desire as he caught sight of Jay’s cock and freshly-shaved sack and hungrily gulped both of his balls into his soft mouth.

‘Oh Kip!’ groaned Jay, his cock responded immediately to the loving attention he was receiving. He looked down at the soft lips gripping his tightening sack, his own swelling cock, Kip’s long body stretched out before him.

‘Oh Kip! – everyone should have a brother like you!’



The note under Peter’s door read simply.

We’ve been watching you.


See you here at eight.

Jay and Kip

It was folded around a Polaroid of two sandy-haired guys lying on a bed, their arms around each other, strangers, but familiar. They shared the same honey-coloured skin and looked similar enough that they must be related, maybe brothers, maybe even twins. They smiled cheekily up at the camera which was clearly being held by one of them. And though all he could see was one muscular shoulder, one stiff little nipple crowning a nicely shaped pectoral, he got the impression they were both naked. His imagination rapidly went to work, filling in the missing details, and then he suddenly realised he knew the two from his gym; he had seen them a number of times, always together, and admired their good looks, their lean torsos and their round, boyish butts. The taller one usually wore little running shorts he remembered, showing off his well toned legs, while the other –


Peter snatched his attention back to the terse note. If it weren’t for the photo, it might have seemed a little sinister. As it was, he was simply intrigued. Two hot guys would see him at eight! He had certainly caught them looking at him speculatively, checking him out while he did his sets. Plenty of guys did. But he hadn’t ever talked to them, didn’t remember hearing them talk at all. They were a bit of an enigma, Peter supposed. He wasn’t particularly interested in younger guys, and for all the casual cruising that went on at the gym, he never expected anything to come of it.

And more than likely nothing would come of this either. They weren’t kids, but they were young enough to get a kick out of teasing an older guy. Peter was sure they had any number of guys chasing after them, but he wasn’t going to worry too much about it — it might turn out to be a hot fuck with two hot guys, but most likely nothing. It seemed he would find out soon enough. Yet he was nervous and distracted all day at work, and couldn’t help pulling out the Polaroid a number of times. They really were good looking guys, he found himself thinking over and over, the familiar tingling in his crotch. Probably as a result of this, he couldn’t seem to get away from work, and barely had time to gulp down a meal and have a wash before the appointed time. I bet they don’t even show, he thought, as he pulled on some clothes.



The doorbell rang promptly at eight. The sound seemed startlingly loud.

The taller one was wearing running shorts, as he remembered him, and a loose singlet that offered tantalising glimpses of his erect nipples through the armholes. ‘I’m Jay, he’s Kip’ said the other briefly. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and short sweat pants.

Peter fussed around a bit, putting on some music, realising he wasn’t as relaxed as he wished to appear. Turning back towards them, he found two pairs of grey eyes considering him steadily. He felt outnumbered. In my own home, Peter thought, this is crazy. But there was something unnerving about their quiet, calm manner.


‘Can I offer you a drink? A beer?’ asked Peter, a little doubtfully.

‘Not for me, maybe Kip.’ Kip nodded.

‘Don’t worry, he’s legal,’ grinned Jay, ‘but I’m sure you can find something illegal to do with him later on.’ His tone made it clear, Peter thought, that the two were up for mischief — and so he realised, was he, as he retreated to the kitchen. But he fumbled with the bottle opener and dropped it, almost tipping over one of the bottles as well. He returned, smiling a little ruefully, to find them both still standing where he had left them. He handed one of the beers to ‘Kip, right?’ Kip returned his smile and clinked bottles with him before they both took a swig.


Jay took the beer out of his hand and took a quick swallow, holding his gaze.

‘Oh, are you sure you don’t want – ‘

‘Strip off,’ said Jay — though he spoke quietly, it sounded more like an order than a request. Shrugging, Peter peeled off his t-shirt, giving the young men a view of his heavy shoulders and muscular torso, with the thatch of hair on his chest that trailed down into his gym shorts — nothing they hadn’t seen in the locker room, Peter thought to himself, wondering why he had been so quick to comply.


‘Kip!’ said Jay. Kip immediately came forward and knelt down in front of Peter. In two quick movements he had drawn down his shorts and underwear. Peter’s cock, already thickening flopped forth, inches from Kip’s face. He looked up at Jay with a wide-eyed grin of expectation. ‘Go ahead,’ said Jay quietly.

‘Shall we go into the bedroom?’ offered Peter, taking a nervous step backwards.

‘No, we’ll stay here,’ Jay replied with quiet authority. A little thrill ran through Peter — he was by no means submissive, but he was intrigued by how Jay had taken control of the situation.


The next moment the swelling head of his cock was enveloped in Kip’s hot mouth. The smooth, firm pressure seemed to bring him to full erection instantly, and letting out a little moan, he felt Kip sink forward on his shaft until the head butted gently against the back of Kip’s throat. Without moving much, Kip set up a delicious, slow milking motion, increasing and releasing the pressure rhythmically, so that Peter thought he might blow in that first wave of pleasure.

Peter realised he had closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation; opening them, he looked down at Kip savouring his cock. Smiling around the thick shaft, he accommodated its girth with no problem. As Peter looked down, the boy’s eyes drifted lazily open. Meeting Peter’s gaze he withdrew slowly from his stiff tool, maintaining the suction until the head popped out of his mouth with a smack. With a cheeky smile, he extended his tongue and, gripping the shaft with one hand, licked the tip delicately, taking a string of precum and then plunging his tongue into the slit to hungrily suck it down.

‘I think Kip likes your dick,’ said the other with a wry grin. Peter had forgotten he was there for a moment, so entranced by the exquisite blowjob he was receiving. He was about to move towards Jay, but was checked by Kip sinking back onto his cock. Involuntarily, he let out another little moan.


‘It’s kind of warm in here,’ said Jay, though he seemed perfectly cool. Peter realised that he himself was sweating, even though he was naked. Jay casually began to undress, shrugging off his tight t-shirt and dropping his running shorts; he pulled these over his sneakers and put them in a neat pile with the shirt. he had the same lightly tanned skin as his brother. A few inches shorter, he was also little broader than his brother, though not stocky. Peter feasted his eyes on his finely-muscled upper body, the full pecs and the tapering torso. He had caught a side glimpse of Jay’s round ass but his gaze was drawn irresistibly to his erection, which had sprung out of Jay’s shorts as if it had a life of its own. Peter noted the slight upward curve, the loose foreskin drawing back from the pink head, the light patch of hair above it that mirrored the colour of the fuzz on his chest. Peter realised that he was slowly humping Kip’s mouth and was gripping his shoulders while Jay, as if unaware of his presence, stretched and shook out his muscles like an athlete preparing for a race.

Then, turning, he allowed Peter a view of his finely-shaped behind. ‘Come here,’ he threw over his shoulder, and hunched down, bending his knees and thrusting out his butt towards Peter. Reaching back with both hands, he pulled apart his firm, round cheeks, exposing a shaved crack and a sweet, pink hole. Almost before he knew it, Peter was on his knees, his face buried between the two mounds of flesh. He heard Jay let out a little gasp as his tongue made first contact, felt him stiffen and then relax. He began probing the pink hole with his tongue and reached around to grip the stiff cock. Before he could reach it, Jay spun around quickly so that it bobbed in front of his face. Kip reached over Peter’s shoulder and guided it deftly into his waiting mouth. While Peter set to work, he heard Kip behind him grab something from his bag and then return his attention to his cock, stroking it from behind. Under his firm touch, the slit continued to weep precum which Jay carefully wiped off with a finger and stuck in his mouth before rolling a condom down the shaft.

‘Stand up,’ said Jay turning around once more and thrusting out his ass. Peter felt Kip press against him from behind. Kip had clearly stripped off at some point, and Peter felt his hard dick slot in between his thighs Gripping Peter’s rubbered shaft, he squeezed some lube onto it from a small tube and then lined it up with Jay’s pink target. The sensation of sliding into Jay while sandwiched between two beautiful young men took his breath away. Peter felt Jay’s ass yield to his cock and envelop it. In one movement, he sank in to the hilt, and again felt like he might blow his load right away. He began thrusting into Jay’s tight hole while Kip stroked his back and sides from behind. After a while Kip broke away and dropped to his knees. Gripping Peter’s ass checks, he plunged his tongue into Peter’s crack, and Peter felt an electric shock run through him as Kip’s tongue made contact with his hole. Kip began feasting on his ass with the same enthusiasm he had shown towards his cock, while Jay rolled his hips back onto Peter’s cock with every stroke, deepening the sensation.


After a few moments, Kip and Jay pulled away from Peter; they both men urged him to lean forward and bend his knees, the same position Jay had adopted. Peter caught sight of Kip’s stiff cock, pointing straight towards his face and, inevitably, moved to take it in his mouth. Kip caught his head and held it firmly as the tip of his cock entered Peter’s mouth. Peter ran his tongue over the head while Kip stroked his close-cropped hair. He slowly slid the shaft until Peter gagged, and then slowly took it all the way out again. In spite of his tearing eyes, Peter pitched forward compulsively to regain it. Kip teased him for a few moments, rubbing the tip across his lips, but eventually gave it back to him, setting up a slow, steady pumping rhythm. Meanwhile, Jay had slipped on a condom and positioned his cock to penetrate Peter’s hole; the blunt head butted insistently against it and while Kip continues to fill his mouth, and Peter felt it slide in bit by bit, a little further which each rolling thrust until it was buried all the way in. They coordinated their strokes and gripped him by the shoulders and hips, holding him in place while they used his mouth and ass.

After a while they pulled out, making Peter cry out in protest. Quickly they rolled him over onto his back, Jay flipped his legs up and then skewered him again, while Kip crammed his mouth and pinned his arms down with his calves. Their hands roamed his muscled torso, twisting his nipples, rubbing his beefy thighs. Their rhythm became faster, more insistent. Peter found himself making a low growling sound in his throat, alive to every nuance of the pleasure their movements were giving him. Without slackening their pace, their lips came together over him in a lingering kiss and then they began slamming into him with even greater force. Both pulled out again, Jay tearing off the condom, and unleashed twin torrents onto his chest and belly. The shock of the withdrawal, the sensation of their semen spattering onto his torso, the fierce satisfaction on their faces as they emptied themselves onto him, while he lay there — his own cock, stiff as a board, slapped against his belly unheeded. He felt so overpowered that his own orgasm would have seemed an anticlimax. He lay gasping for breath, his eyes closed, dimly aware that they had gotten up and were moving around the apartment. He savoured the exhilaration, the sense of having been mastered by these two young men.

When he opened his eyes, they had dressed again and Kip had retrieved his bag. Still drenched in their fluid, moving to get up, Peter blurted out, ‘You’re leaving? When — can I see you again?’ He was checked by Kip who leaned over him, scooped up some of the fluid pooled on his belly with the side of his hand and smeared it down his face. Peter’s tongue shot out instinctively to taste it. As Kip stood up and moved to the door, Jay fixed his gaze on Peter, still on the floor and his eyes met Peter’s own, both pairs the same shade of grey. ‘Don’t worry. You’ll be seeing a lot of us from now on…Dad.’


Written by Santander

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