Brazilian Twins Diego and Dirceu Duarte, Shot by G Magazine

In 2010, Brazilian twin brothers Diego and Dirceu Duarte were on the cover of the now-defunct Brazilian gay magazine G Magazine, alongside former Big Brother Brasil contestant Dicésar, characterized as his drag queen character Dimmy Kieer. The cover read: “Dicesar by Dimmy Kieer and his twin big brothers.”

The shoot lasted two days. The first day in a studio in São Paulo was the day for the cover options with Dicesar, and on the second day, the shoot was just the two twin brothers naked in a penthouse in São Paulo. The first day was quicker, and the second day with just the naked twin brothers took almost the whole day.

The video above shows the photo shoot from the second day in the penthouse, with the twin brothers naked. Enjoy this rarity!

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